When a Bed & Breakfast becomes your Bread & Butter

When a Bed & Breakfast becomes your Bread & Butter

So, where to begin?

A year or so ago, Ann & I realised that three years into our somewhat vague five year plan to change our lifestyle we had done nothing beyond talking about it….Something had to be done, or we stood a chance of never achieving the life we wanted.

Ann hit the internet and found The Old Manor; it appeared to tick every box even just ‘on screen’ and so on Easter Saturday 2019 we drove up to North Somercotes to visit John & Di who owned it at the time to have a look around.

I was already familiar with North Lincolnshire and Theddlethorpe in particular having worked as a scaffold Project Manager at the Gas Terminal there, but Ann had never visited the area previously. She was not overly impressed at first with the flatness of the landscape, although she cheered up immensely as we drove over the Wolds and they are still an attraction for both of us. Coincidentally some friends from Milton Keynes had just completed on the purchase of a cottage in Maltby le Marsh so the omens looked favourable!

Once we had seen The Old Manor, we were convinced it was for us, and the purchase process started. Despite some very stressful times caused by the wonderful English legal system and some of the solicitors involved in the sales chain, we finally completed on the purchase on 6th September 2019 and left Milton Keynes for our new home and our new life. Ann arrived in the early afternoon, and welcomed our first guests later that afternoon; both B&B rooms were booked together with a group of young ladies in Conifer Cottage. I arrived after everyone else!